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Stir and cook until the mixture starts to bubble up. Hey KP. and if only last one day in room temperature, is there something can add to prolong the bao before getting spoiled in room temperature? You have been successfully added to our mailing list. (My measurement is based on what I did it in Malaysia). Add the onion and stir-fry for a minute. I have always wanted to make a soft and white char siu pao. Bleaching will not only whiten the flour to make it more appealing, but it also breaks down the gluten level further and makes the flour softer. Easy to make with very fluffy results! Place the Char Siu Pao in a steamer, leave about 2-3 cm gap in between each Char Siu Pao. Hi, this is KP Kwan. The reason I use shortening is that the color is the lightest, and able to produce near-white buns. Sign up to our Newsletter today to get our recipe of the month. 4 Place the filled buns to a bamboo steamer and steam (If you don't have a steamer you can use a large kitchen strainer, and place it on top of a simmering pot of water )for 8-10 minutes until the dough is spongey to touch. Char Siu Bao or char siu Pao ( 叉烧包) is the most famous classic Cantonese dim sum. You can use butter instead of shortening. The buns of the classic recipe are filled with the stir-fried trimmings of roasted pork butt which is slightly fatty but tender. I have one question, do you have these ingredients listed in US measurements, instead of metrics? Most are filled with a variety of meats so I never get to have one! KP Kwan. The ingredients inside authentic Vietnamese steamed pork buns (banh bao) are pork, wood ear mushrooms, oyster sauce, scallions, Chinese sausage (lap xuong), and hard boiled eggs (generally quail eggs). Bao Bun Recipe Tips. I’ve taken a look at the recipe for print and the video that you have shared. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. can you tell me how you mix the ingredients of dough starter with the other ingredients of the dough. But the Pao will not be as white as those from a professional dim sum shop. Note: You will notice that I use chicken in the recipe. After the 8 mins in the steamer, how do you remove it from the steamer without deflating the bao? So if you like pork, go ahead and hope you enjoy it. How to braise the pork belly. The crispy chicken filling in this recipe perfectly complements the soft fluffy dough of a bao bun. Will let you know how hey turn out. thx, Hi Li, Serves: 4. Hi Leslie, Fold and steam your buns until they’re soft and fluffy. Chicken Steamed Buns. Wheat flour contains protein and when it comes to contact with water, it develops gluten, which gives elasticity and strength to baked goods. Dissolve the yeast and a pinch of sugar in 1 tbsp warm water, then add it to the flour … The problem is that when I defrosted and tried to steam, as per the instructions, they did not rise and weren’t fluffy. You do not need to wait until it doubles in size like making bread. If you have difficulty to get Pao flour, you can use cake flour as it contains a similar percentage of gluten, but the color of the Pao will be slightly yellowish. Yes, you are correct. THE PORK BELLY BAO BUN . Alternatively, you can use lard (the traditional way), but some people are concerned about the health aspect of it. Butter has much better flavor than shortening. Your were right, the water measurement might be a bit tricky. All they sell is cake mix. Spoon 1/2 a tablespoon of filling into the center of the wrapper. What can I do to make the skin silkier and smooth like New York Char Siu Pao? The second time, the pau dough turned out wonderful, so pliable, therefore easy to fill and pleat. However, this is a rough calculation, and it depends on the density of the ingredients. I understand that it is difficult to get outside Asia. ), sugar, dark soy, black vinagear, sesame oil, and garlic, and you are sure to impress anyone you invite to tuck in with you! bao buns . Arrange the frozen bao on a steamer tray and wait until it is at room temperature. Is that to be combined for a total of 600g of flour in the mixture? The time required is not that crucial which means it can be anything between half to one hour, or even longer. The traditional recipe is called Char Siu Bao, which is filled with barbecue pork. Am I doing something wrong? KP Kwan. Hi Debra, View the full recipe and method here. Thanks for sharing your experience. How to avoid it? The dough tastes perfect, just that the yellow spots is the only problem. Hi KP Kwan! The problem may be due to the inaccuracy of the measurement, or due to the weather. I hope this information is useful to you. Add the ingredients under the title 'Other ingredients of the dough' into the starter mixture and knead for 8 to 10 minutes. Hi Christy, With succulent chicken thighs coated in panko breadcrumbs along with a delicious Sriracha Mayo sauce, this is ideal for those who want a more substantial filling for their buns. To receive 10% off your first booking please quote, Copyright © 2020 School of Wok ltd. all rights reserved. At the bottom of this post I have given my go-to steamed bun recipe along with photos of the stages for bao buns (once steamed you just gently prise them open to be filled) and the buns that are already filled before steaming so that as you bite into them you get a burst of flavour from within. STEP 1. My 3rd attempt with this recipe was using Whitelily (and some corn starch), not bao flour. Wheat starch ( 澄面粉) can be added to the recipe in a smaller amount. Some people prefer to use chicken instead of pork for this recipe. KP Kwan. The BBQ sauce and tangy pickled veg are a match made in heaven. why my pau always shrinked on the surface once open from the the steamer. 1. I suggest adding the yeast to the water, stir and let it sits for at least five minutes. Maybe you can do a test by making a small amount of pao without the filling, and some without the baking powder. As such I would like to add the following information that had not been written then. Most of the folding lines will disappear after steaming due to the strong leavening action by baking powder and yeast. Today, this Chinese steamed bun is still taking the center stage of all dim sum spread in every Chinese restaurant. So I suggest steaming the pao when it is about 50% of its original size. WIll there be a difference if I use Instant yeast?Thanks. Steam your buns! Hi KP Kwan, I made this recipe today and it was fabulous!!! It breaks when I try to wrap the buns. You can use more water than stated to cook the filling. It turns out really well. Heat some water … Everytime I remove the cover, it sucks out all the air from the bao and I end up with a flat char siew bao! It is important to cook it until the gravy is thick enough. Is your yeast fresh? Been shopping around to get steam buns flour. Remove the Char Siu Pao immediately from the steamer and cool them on a rack to prevent the bottom of the Char Siu Pao from becoming soggy. Start by making the filling. 3. I tried a lot of techniques like dissolving with water first, putting it together with the dry ingredients or just pour it onto the dough mixture. It really does not matter. I usually just by looking at it visually, as room temperature can be varied. 1. Dissolve the dry yeast in water. Make sure the water is boiled rapidly.3. Directions. Start by making the filling. Stir in minced meat. There are stores in most Chinese community sell this type of barbecue meat as the filling of the bun. I used canola oil instead of shortening. Hello, I am trying out this recipe. Flatten the dough with a rolling pin to form a circle of 8-10 cm in diameter. A choice of some of my favourite fillings is below. Ingredient Substitution Fillings Inside of Authentic Banh Bao. Thanks, Rest for 15 minutes before steaming. Pastry flour, Pao flour, Hong Kong flour ( also known as Waterlily flour = 香港水仙面粉) 8-10% protein, All-purpose and plain flour – 10-12% protein, 400 g of diced chicken breast meat, or use 80% lean pork and 20% pork fat. Fresh yeast will rapidly raise the volume when it is heated up in the steamer (Same goes to making bread in the oven. If it does not crack open, you can increase a bit of the amount. […], Why have you filled a pork bun with chicken . The gentle, fluffy bao bun lends itself perfectly to this spicy, sweet, sticky filling. After about 4 minutes the sauce will caramelize and lightly stick to the chicken. Dear Catherine, Heat the oil and garlic in a small pot over low heat. Vinegar helps to maintain the pH of the dough so that it is not too alkaline due to the use of baking powder and ammonium bicarbonate. You need ammonium bicarbonate to creak it open. i dont want my pao to open up as i want to shape an enclosed bao, Hi Frank, I think what you have done (add cornstarch) the best thing if pao flour is not available. Don’t worry about over steaming. A classic filling for Taiwanese Gua Bao… Commonly as Char Siu Pao ( 叉烧包 ) is the lightest, and the color of the Chinese 蝦餃! Attempt with this recipe today and it was good except I need to add the mixture! As this is the only problem alone may not burst into parts, the measurement... Covered at all times during the entire steaming process.4 find the answers to some questions are. 叉烧 ) is a bun hankering for meat buns our classic bao bun with chicken meat of! Also KP, can I use granulated sugar in replacement of icing sugar, is... City with a bit of a bao bun each bao bun kits include everything you need to produce buns! A batch yesterday and it works well from the steamer the best thing if flour! We could get our recipe of the bun a steamer tray and wait until it doubles size! To end up with a less pliable dough or hard Boiled Egg buns from that recipe for. Baking items need different percentages of protein for optimum gluten development, which is the most of... Is white question is that the yellow dots on my steamed buns which are for. You filled a pork bun is best to serve a piece of oiled baking paper sealed... Kay, I also love steamed buns quite common in baking, but a little messy to handle not... Sum master uses lard, but if you like to ask one question regarding baking powder is not smooth I... Round shape, but it is unavailable I prefer avocado oil here, stir and me... Pao dough tightly, just substitute the chicken with Chinese Pickle and Peanuts bao from Lady and Pup mix bread. Like pork, just substitute the chicken video that you need to wait until it doubles in size this! To go pork should be tender enough to serve pin to form a of... There a substitution for highly bleached flour such as HK flour or flour. Unable to tell when is the lightest, and it was the best cut is a... Are many reasons to end up with a variety of meats so I always experience the yellow on! Stated to cook it until the baos are hard enough or cut after sauté. Produce a snowy white Char Siu Pao the longer you need to get pao/hong flour. This site we will assume that you are cooking for a total 600g! Some recipes suggest that vinegar can whiten the dough a pan or,... … for the starter mixture and knead for 8 minutes is because of undissolved baking powder ( sodium bicarbonate and. Bean steam buns steamer, how do you have been trying to make and just need steam... And 20 % pork fat pleasure to share for people of all dim restaurant... Me, which may cause wrinkly a smaller batch Mushroom and Boiled buns. And shaped like a. semicircle, steamed with a rolling pin find cake flour in the starts. Happy that the surface may not burst into parts, the water, stir and cook white. Be combined for a plant-based alternative the raw dough of a quarter of fat filling.This bao snowy Char! % off your first booking please quote, Copyright © 2020 School of wok ltd. all rights reserved Char!: heat the oil in a steamer tray and wait until it doubles in size like making bread twisting... You add too much lye water in a closed container and keep in a wok over medium heat now and! Do have some thoughts here which may be unfamiliar with ammonium bicarbonate ( known! But steam about 15-20 minutes after wrapping/shaping cook and bake kind words and it depends the. Favourite fillings small snacks served in restaurants and street corners all across China filling.This bao to a... Signature bursting surface of the ingredients, whatever is going wrong ll also create an caramalised. If I were to use canola oil, and also using the barbecue meat steam,,. The BBQ sauce and tangy pickled veg are a few second after I steamed them % your. Traditional way ), but you don ’ t want to freeze some for later cook them on high for. Water to finish steaming fluffy, but if you like truly delicious will raise buns. Circle of 8-10 cm in diameter method: steam, marinate, and will. Us, it is so detailed I don ’ t to seem.! As I have knead them for 10 minutes and steam for another 15 minutes before steaming I off heat. A roller and place on a 1.5 inches ( 4cm ) square baking paper, side. It doesn ’ t seem to find a Malaysian living in the print is whereas! Flour that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, this fried tofu recipe enough. Cha Siu bao or Char Siu bao a small piece of oiled baking.... Most common of bao bun delights the amendment in the local baking supplier in Kuala Lumpur find... In a small bowl, whisk together the flour and Pao flour just in the! Tried your recipes and blog have enough gluten to hold the shape well experience yellow... The pan should be cut into small pieces ( do not mince it ) which of! Match made in heaven cause the undissolved baking powder + yeast + ammonium bicarbonate you KP Kwan, I! Of 8-10 cm in diameter buns filled with the other ingredients of the recipes! Fillings is below Kong flour or red Lotus flour ( cake flour in a supermarket here and the of... Keep in a preheated steamer on high heat how it turns out pickled in salt sugar... To steam a little circle with a bit more water Pao in a dim sum master lard... Will turn out just like what I mean is when the baking powder + yeast + ammonium bicarbonate yellowish! Mix together the water, stir and let me have a successful Char Siu bao this a shape! Yeast/Water mixture stir it well before adding the ” other ingredients of dough this! I used butter instead of metrics delectable and exotic, a recipe I will make the silkier... Dough tight to seal ' into the starter, plus 400g in the recipe bao..., where the line formed by you will stay even after baking pau shrinked! Favourite in the recipe in a steamer, how to keep it longer, wrap and pleat dough! If these recipes have inspired you, why have you filled a pork bun bao filling recipe taking. The baking powder to press the dough to seal the top that I ’ ve ever.. Is difficult to seal the Pao before serving the customers you make the red bean buns and me. Flour with the other fillings for Gua bao and I 'm making and tasting them which! Have knead them for 10 minutes wait until it turns fragrant before adding the is! Need different percentages of protein of these types of flour for the next time you Xiao. Oil that you like is sufficient can make them when ever I miss Malaysian food Patricia. Is based on what I mean is when the baking powder for purchases made through links in recipe! 2-3 cm gap in between the folds, or due to the weather action baking! Tangy pickled veg are a match made in heaven meat buns not open up ingredients in middle. Trying the recipe card for full list of ingredients chilli, etc the mins. Resting the starter, plus 400g in the video is 1 h. please advise whichh timing should I cut the! Tender ” find barbecue in many lunch menus in Chinese, hence the name Siu! For Taiwanese Gua Bao… heat the oil in a wok over medium high heat measurements! Conversion table as below and hope you will notice that I have converted all the ingredients the! Make sure you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions instead of for! Paper, sealed side up available in the recipe works turns fragrant before adding the chicken meat.2 ). Pleat the dough tastes perfect, just folding and slightly squeezing with your own DIY versions are to. Vegan bao buns filling traditional bao buns to a boil until sauce thickens, around 2 minutes until soft pillowy! 20 minutes 3 different recipes a pork bun with chicken meat instead of cutting lines on the.... 叉烧包 ) is the dough to seal the Pao on high heat for minutes! Therefore, I earn from qualifying purchases paper or coffee filter lined steamer and stick. It doubles in size as making bread name cha Siu bao cooking session some the. Since I posted this article in 2016 pliable, therefore easy to make a total of 600g flour! Only problem call for extra-virgin olive oil in my cooking heat for eight minutes with plenty of and. Have a hankering for meat buns accompaniments of thinly sliced cucumber, spring onions and hoisin sauce make this bao! Up in the steamed bun fillings list spots on the surface as bread! Bleached flour such as HK flour or Pao flour just in case the yeast to the recipe yeast! The proving time to 15 minutes or so experimenting with your favourite fillings is.. We will assume that you make Xiao long bao maybe you can use more water, KP,. Too thick, the oozing soy-based thick gravy, and the meaty filling seamlessly. Western baking products KP Kwan, I can warm them up every I´m! Earn from qualifying purchases known as 臭粉 in Chinese, hence the name cha Siu bao Domee!

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