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Danger signal number six has also been advised for the ports in Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. Cyclone Amphan intensified from a category-1 cyclone to category-5 in 18 hours, an unusually quick evolution. It has asked maritime ports of Mongla and Payra to hoist danger signal number seven. Amphan grew from a Category 1 to a Category 5 storm, with speeds of up to 250km/hr, in just 18 hours. By the time it makes landfall in West Bengal, Amphan is expected to … We reviewed the impact the cyclone had at the nearby ports of Haldia and Kolkata in India and … Popular Courses. Insight. They say it carries a sense of the masses being slighted and bulldozed by the Centre and its discrimination of Bengal—the piling central GST dues, Centre’s silence on Bengal’s demand for additional financial assistance after Cyclone Amphan, the Centre’s financial share in schemes not reaching Bengal, and so on. This makes Amphan the strongest tropical cyclone in recorded history to develop in the northern Indian Ocean/Bay of Bengal. Indian forecasters said Cyclone Amphan had reached winds of up to 240 kilometres per hour with gusts of 265 kph over the Bay of Bengal, ahead of the expected landfall tomorrow. These areas were already dealing with the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, with over 100,000 cases and thousands of deaths. Insights has redefined the way preparation is done in UPSC civil service exam. (photo: Wikimedia Commons) The particularly disastrous effect of Amphan was caused by the twin factors of high intensity and the destruction of the coastal protective barrier. Amphan had been billed as the first super cyclone in the Bay of Bengal since a 1999 storm devastated Odisha, killing around 9,000 people. Super Cyclone Amphan. Amphan is a tropical cyclone that intensified into a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (VSCS) to Extreme Severe Cyclonic Storm (ESCS.) The cyclone, named Amphan, is spinning in the Bay of Bengal and is centered 630 miles south of Kolkata, India (as of 8 a.m. EDT on May 18). The cyclone illustrates the broader picture of worsening natural disasters resulting from increasing global temperatures. Super cyclone Amphan caused far-reaching damage to the northern coast of Odisha, affecting approximately 45 lakh individuals within the state. On the late afternoon of Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the severe tropical cyclone Amphan made landfall in West Bengal in India and caused immense damage in East India and Bangladesh. By Odisha News Insight Last updated May 22, 2020 5,841. Millions evacuated as Cyclone Amphan moves in on India and Bangladesh Volunteers help evacuate coastal villages in India and Bangladesh ahead of the impending Cyclone Amphan … Amphan, one of the strongest cyclones to have been recorded over the Bay of Bengal since the super-cyclone in Odisha in 1999, made landfall on the afternoon of May 20, leaving a trail of death and destruction across six districts of Bengal—East Midnapore, South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly and Nadia—and neighbouring Odisha. Given the din, expect a high-decibel Bengal election campaign ahead. Cyclone Nivar is set to cross the coasts of Tamil Nadu state and the small territory of Puducherry as a "very severe cyclonic storm" late Wednesday, the Indian Meteorological Department said. Its maximum sustained winds have reached 160 mph, which is equivalent to a super typhoon or a category 5 Atlantic hurricane. Cyclone Amphan is a tropical cyclone formed over the Bay of Bengal that has intensified and likely to turn into a “super cyclonic storm (maximum wind speed is 224 kmph)”. While it is too early to tell the full impact of Cyclone Amphan, these decades of investing in preparedness likely mitigated the human and physical toll. Bengal-Odisha Coast and Bangladesh are hit by Amphan cyclone. Trees lie uprooted in the aftermath of cyclone Amphan. But even the most extensive preparation could not have prepared the disaster management authority for one of its biggest challenges: maintaining social distancing in the cyclone shelter facilities. (Picture credit: Boria Majumdar) It was about 7 pm on May 20 and Cyclone Amphan had Kolkatans in its complete grip. In May, Cyclone Amphan left a trail of devastation in West Bengal and Odisha. The storm destroyed 50,000 houses completely and 167,000 houses partially. It has been named by Thailand. Cyclones gain their energy from the heat and moisture generated … Opinion. The News Insight - News & Views. Romita Datta Kolkata … In the Indian state of West Bengal, the cyclone affected about 13 million people, destroyed 1 million houses and crops of over 100,000 acres and killed about 1 million livestock. It destroyed hundreds of thousands homes in these districts. The super cyclone Amphan is expected to weaken into an extremely severe cyclonic storm today even as it … A cyclone like Amphan pushes the resilience of the community further to the edge, leaving the lives, homes and resources of thousands of people at risk. Parts of Andhra Pradesh, a coastal state north of Tamil Nadu, are also forecast to be slammed by the cyclone. India Today Insight. Learn more about cyclone Amphan in the article and download Amphan notes PDF for UPSC 2021 preparation. A few days ago, Cyclone Amphan, a Category 5 cyclone ravished India, Bangladesh, Odisha, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. The BJP is planning a high-pitched campaign based on SWOT analysis of assembly seats while the Trinamool Congress intends to go door to door to win the hearts of voters advertisement. Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan – known for short as Cyclone Amphan – hit Kolkata on May 20. Senior BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya on Saturday alleged that the TMC government in West Bengal was involved in corruption over the distribution of relief in the aftermath of super cyclone Amphan. Affected communities in targeted unions are hoping that these infrastructures, if repaired, will protect them from regular tidal inundations (area of roughly 11,000 Acres). As per reports, Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy has, as of now, informed Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Guaba of the harm caused. At least 106 people died in the fiercest cyclone to hit Bangladesh and eastern India since 1999, officials said Friday as aerial footage revealed immense flooding in coastal areas. With entire villages being drowned, the cyclone is the worst in decades, and has claimed 72 lives. Cyclone Amphan, which recently hit East India and Bangladesh, brought in unprecedented damage and destruction with it. Insights Videos & Magazines Subscribers Assistance App Magazines Duty of Care Return on Prevention Risk Outlook ... Cyclone Amphan Advisory. Bangladesh Meteorological Department has raised its storm alert as cyclone Amphan nears the coastal areas of the country. Cyclone Amphan has wreaked havoc in West Bengal and Odisha. A powerful cyclone ripped through densely populated coastal India and Bangladesh, blowing off roofs and whipping up waves that swallowed embankments and bridges and left entire villages without access to fresh water, electricity and communications. The Sundarbans are home to the majestic Bengal tiger. Instead, by the morning of 18 May, Amphan had intensified into a super cyclone with wind speeds of up to 240 kmph. Home; News Bulletin; Insight; 100-Word Edit; Opinion; Fact Check; Home The wind was picking up speed, growing louder by the minute—a shrill, hissing noise that felt increasingly dreadful. In under 24 hours, its wind speed had gone from 65 knots to 125 knots. Initial estimates by four ministries suggested that Amphan badly hit 26 districts and caused damage of Tk1,100 crore. Amphan is the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Cyclone Amphan is a super cyclone formed over the Bay of Bengal. In the city of Kolkata, the cyclone uprooted nearly 6,000 trees, and … Cyclone Amphan, which tore into the coastal areas of West Bengal on May 20, devastated parts of the state’s capital and dealt a major blow to surrounding districts like North and South 24 Parganas, Paschim and Purba Medinipur, Bankura and the Sunderbans. Super cyclone Amphan slammed Bangladesh's coast on May 20 with strong wind and heavy rains. Amphan Cyclone In Kolkata Homeless people waiting for relief after Cyclone Amphan hit the region in Kolkata, India, Friday, May 22, 2020. The West Bengal coast braces for what is only the second super cyclone to have formed in the Bay of Bengal since the devastating Odisha super cyclone of 1999. Cyclone Amphan has affected 26 coastal districts in Bangladesh and caused damage worth 11 billion taka, according to government data. 21 May 2020 , — Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm (second-highest on a five-tier scale) Amphan is moving over Bangladesh’s Rajshahi division since crossing from India’s West Bengal state overnight on 20-21 May. Factors responsible for the intensification of cyclones in BoB: Higher than normal temperatures in the Bay of Bengal (BoB) may be whetting ‘super cyclones’ and the lockdown, indirectly, may have played a role. 'Amphan,' pronounced as 'Um-pun,' means sky and was suggested by Thailand in 2004. Port operations resumed the following day, however roads leading to the ports were blocked due to the storm. How BJP and Mamata Banerjee are gearing up for the Bengal battle How BJP and Mamata Banerjee are gearing up for the Bengal battle | India Today Insight. It also caused a tidal surge which inflicted heavy damage to the embankments and flooded many areas. The project will repair over 15-kilometre of road/embankment, heavily damaged during cyclone Amphan in May, followed by water logging and tidal surges in August-September. Cyclone Amphan, with a wind speed of up to 115 miles per hour is expected to hit coastal areas of India and Bangladesh on Wednesday.As the cyclone barrels … It was the first of its kind to strike the Bay of Bengal in over 20 years, and according to CNN, it caused over $13 billion in damage, making it the costliest cyclone ever recorded in the North Indian Ocean.

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