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People would stand in a long line and wait up to 45 minutes for our ice cream. He obviously forgets that stubbornness runs in the family. In the weeks that followed, I not only wrote in Diva’s agenda, but I printed off lists of her missing assignments, progress reports, and letters home, and stapled them to her agenda. Anyway, he walks up and asks in a really disgruntled voice ‘I need exactly 0.66lb of such-and-such (forget what kind) cheese, in a solid block. Please click here to reach our contact page. We couldn’t provide everything our current company provided but we could provide a high degree of professionalism for our specific field and it seemed we had a ready-made client base. But you’re salary so you have to work during your vacation. He gets the plans and starts the build, but before long, he notices something odd about the drawings for the new extension and calls the architect to query it. In fact, he gets what he deserves and it isn’t what he wants. Was there anything else I can help with tonight?’. You don’t leave until you finish the nasty plate, so I don’t leave. I placed the tiny banana on his desk wordlessly and started to walk away. Still laughing, Daniel proclaimed this tiny cavendish to be awesome. Me: ‘Now, if you’ll notice, I have written in Diva’s agenda and stapled progress reports, letters to you, and lists of missing work into her agenda every single week since we last spoke, as per our agreement. She takes inordinate pride in knowing ‘the backbone of the system and how it works’ Who was I, a lowly tech peon, to tell her otherwise? Please do enjoy your stay and let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable.’ I’ve complied with your wishes. I can see some of the board members giving strange looks at this as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have two double-sized beds…’, She makes eye contact with the angry man and continues: ‘…but it has 4 king-size beds. I made her a tiny drink with espresso, caramel syrup and milk foam. As they were leaving and wanted to pay, they saw the mai tais on the bill and the man who was paying told me that he won’t pay for that. My ties just got worse and worse as I uncovered them in thrift stores and garage sales over the next few weeks. She would throw the whole tray on the floor and would loudly complain if there was even a packet of sugar missing. Tell us everything! He did pay (at 23:35), and I send him the completed manuscript and think that that’s that. I woke up the next morning feeling pretty rough and gradually saw large patches of poison ivy popping up all over my body. I am about to go dismantle the camera (they are capable of being split into 3 pieces, all weighing under a tonne each), when my boss gets out to the range. So she decided to address the “root” of this issue with a Christian principle: “Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find it, knock and the doors shall be opened,” Bleaney quoted scripture, explaining the concept of ‘homeless Mondays’ at Qualitown. I did bring him the normal banana he asked for after a few minutes of laughter. Thank goodness he had the forethought to build it right, ignoring the plans, then maliciously comply with a temporary fix to match the plans he was told to follow…)” imvirtuallyinsane I then made my way to the post office where this woman, hit me with the line ‘Customer service dictates that you serve me first if I’m here before them.’, I calmly smiled and told her, ‘Customer service also dictates that I can reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.’, Her face dropped, still furious, she asks, ‘Are you refusing to serve me, then?’, I looked her right in the eyes and said, ‘Certainly seems that way.’, Genuinely one of my favorite interactions with a rude customer to date.” Shadiekins. Each with their own en-suites.’. This was frustrating because us supply chain guys were the ONLY ones who had to cover our tats. I’m positive they’ll have no issues finding someone to drop everything at a moments notice going forward . 1111 11:11 - Manifestion - Ask and You Shall Receive - #Shorts I’m sure that you, dear reader, will be as surprised as I am by what happened next…. The store manager acted like I just poured epoxy into all the toilets. This is your project, you’re in charge here.’. My grandfather, rest his soul, is the most stubborn person I have ever met. I know it’s petty, I know it’s not as spectacular as most of the stories on here, but I hope someone gets a kick out of my story – I know I did. I asked if she was sure. My grandmother and he are devout Roman Catholics very much from the era of what the man of the house says goes, no matter what that is, to the point I had never seen her argue with him except two times in my entire life, which is the time I will be referencing and a time he straight up called me ugly (he was a gruff grump of a man, obviously) for black fingernail polish. All Rights Reserved. I want to close my accounts with you now!’. Usually, if you’re rude, people aren’t going to go out of their way to help you. The mini bananas were sold by weight and the bunches were already bagged in plastic, so I couldn’t just break off one from a bunch. This woman was really keen to keep him out of her toilet and ended up paying god knows how much extra for it.” Beezneez86, 4. Double. Having issues? I worked a ton of nights at the ice cream parlor, which by far is the stickiest, most hectic place compared to the other two. 11. Napoleon Complex is having a silent tantrum as the line is going slowly, even without ‘old line cutters.’ He walks from the line, complains to the agent and boards immediately. A Bank That Doesn’t Make Change?! Did he want to embarrass me in front of everybody? Nobody was into it. We had a late addition to our travel, and they need a room with two double-size beds! Mini bananas. Enter Mom. So I start the task, and two minutes later I said, ‘sorry manager, my shift is over!’ clocked out and left. JCM: ‘I do not want to see that knife brought back. Lines. Grandma is still my favorite female family member, though. Midway through the week, I get a call from a coworker with an update: FOD loses it. “Like most colleges, the university I went to had a lot of bullcrap fees. It is booked now. 222 views. Many complaints were made from both the servers and dishwashers, to which JCM completed denied and said ‘They are just being lazy and don’t want to their job. RCMP to attempt underwater sonar search for missing Nova Scotia scallop dragger . Me: ‘Again thank you for your patience. He was sure they were a mistake because ‘I always pay my bills on time’ and ‘I don’t like paying you bloodsuckers anymore than I have to.’ Charming, I know. Customer: [loud sigh] ‘Yes! You must be mentally slow. Instead of asking for a brief as to what’s happening or just letting it play out, he decides to puff out his chest and display his newfound levels of authority and command. Campbell River thrift store offers free shopping for the homeless to deter theft Binny Paul, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter; Dec. 22, 2020 7:00 a.m. News; Tired of break-ins, a Campbell River thrift store is opening its door to homeless people to shop for free two days a month. I had followed instructions, she tells him. He demanded a PDF of his project first: I sent him one with ‘SAMPLE, CLIENT HAS NOT PAID’ watermarked on every single page. He’s so adamant that he gets what he demands, that the attendant sees to it that he gets what he wants. ~$30. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Ask And You Shall Receive de la plus haute qualité. 15. Matthew 21:22 - And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Stupid woman. Karen and Bob both look at me. She got the TV and switched it on. YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME! Got some to share? How’s that for a healthy dose of small-time revenge? Me: ‘If you are the manager, then you should be following the company rules!’ Sure, we have bad days where we don’t feel our best, and therefore don’t treat others as nicely as usual. They are cut off, and with no other option, the only way to get even without going full-on revenge is to just do as they’re told – tenfold! For your knowledge, we are technicians. “I used to work for a ban on their contact center. It may not have recorded sounds, but it certainly should’ve caught him in the act. I could just see the fury in her eyes then I went into her room ‘name and date of birth ma’am,’ then she said, ‘You just asked me that question you should know by now, Now give me the damn food,’ then I said, ‘I can’t give you the tray till you give me your name and date of birth.’ Jerk Caller: ‘You can help me by doing your job and answering the phone when it rings!’. Jerk Caller: ‘You should answer every call that comes through!!’. But when she’s yapping on the phone and ignores the barista who’s trying to communicate an important piece of information to her, things go sideways. By Alexa Lynn - June 7th, 2019. Me: ‘Can we look at Diva’s agenda, there’s something I think you should see.’ My direct manager was pretty cool, but he has his stupid rules to follow so I got passed over to HR and the store manager. One day I found out while I was off a Karen was admitted to the hospital. You will receive something good, something in accord with the Father’s will for you (which is goodness itself), in answer to your prayers, absolutely. Why did you give my better room for those two f****ts instead of to me! Other times, we have guests who have special requests for their desserts. Every time the main desk attendant tries to talk to the angry man, he rudely interrupts her, with more and more shouting. It’s not weakness and failure if he’s not there! Or is that too difficult for you?’. Don’t Tell Me In Advance? Karen is speaking as though she is my supervisor and that is distinctly not what Bob spoke to us about. I offered to take on the biggest project so there would be less to do, and because I wanted to show I had the skills. I’m not making a career out of this job, and I’m five years older than all of my coworkers. I knew she would see it before leaving for lunch and would want to check it for a chance to berate me ASAP if it wasn’t exactly what she asked for. I was at the end of a 16-hour day and my hairnet was fraying. The older gentleman just looks down at the scale with a frown and squints his eyes, huffs like He’s disappointed, then grabs his cheese and walks away. To make matters even more complicated, the local branch of our bank would be closing in the next hour. I headed to the store, picked up my lunch, and headed over to the produce section and the giant banana display. A couple of months ago, I had the conversation with my manager about being paid for being on call. Basically, I should have done everything under the sun to make sure she didn’t fail: I should have contacted her early, I should have sent home extra copies, I should have been checking Diva’s agenda, etc. I’d tie them short or uneven so the back hung lower from the front. The first weekend I was there, I discovered that the GM had screwed up and not ordered any change (small bills/rolls of coins) for the safe. He tells me he wants a coffee frappuccino (which is a Starbucks drink, they have a special mix for it.) Following this, a group email has been sent around, to remind people that laptops should be taken home, as in the event of the building being unavailable/inaccessible, recovery plans are for people to use their laptops to work from home/alternate site. I was asked to temporarily re-assign to a location in a city about an hour away, and accepted…they put me up in a hotel, the whole 9 yards. When I told my team I was heading out and asked if anyone wanted anything, Daniel gave a slight variation of his frequent request. Strange how bullies never shut up until they’re afraid.” Fr1dayThe13th, 14. I agreed to call him by his formal name but I insisted that he do the same to me. FOD refuses to look weak under any circumstances and gets very aggressive when learning new things because ‘I’m the boss, I already know.’ In the midst of learning, it dawns on him to ask why he has to learn this stuff anyway, I’m the nerd and it’s my job to do this. See, she was in a contact room which meant we had to wash our hands down up and glove up. Thank you for calling (bank) have a good night!’ And hung up on him before he could say another word. Our voicemail quite clearly states that we’re a small team but if you leave your name and number we aim to get back to you within 5 minutes. That tongue lashing was nothing compared to the time in question. Beaming with pride I grab the site supervisor hard hat, throw it on and start the ball rolling. Take the angry man yelling at the front desk for a room with a double bed. She ambitiously tried to lick it while walking away. The teller tells me that the bank doesn’t make change. Pivot tables to organize? The sighing douche overheard our conversation and decided to interject. “It happened a few years ago when I was working at a grocery store deli. Now, how can I help?’, -Jerk Caller starts to describe her problem-, Me: ‘Oh, I’m sorry, the phone is ringing. We are both very good at our jobs and before today have never seen this woman in our lives. Honestly, the staff would have looked better in a store-branded t-shirt or polo shirt. I’ll have to place you on hold.’. I talk to VP and he gives me the thumbs up to take the time barring I get everything in order and do some minor teaching to other staff in case of an emergency. Now I do an hour of teaching a week to a very surly FOD. They were about the same price per pound as their normal-sized counterparts, so I grabbed a bunch of the mini bananas and one regular-but-small banana that Daniel asked for, and went to check out. He reminds her that he worked on an hourly rate and that yes, it included travel time. So her boss (BA for boss accountant) took over and talked to me over the phone. I scraped it with a spoon into a cup and handed it to him. So Will I. And YES I know you can’t get it to the exact weight, I don’t care, just get it done.’ A close coworker of mine knows of the conversation FOD and I had and asks what I plan to do to about it so I shared my easy but effective plan. I Can’t Work Without A Tie? I’ve got a collection of some really nice ties I’d collected over the past 15 or so years – mostly vintage silks from the ’50s and ’60s. Money well spent in my opinion.” AMagnificentBiscuit, 10. Ok, I’ll Just Wear These Printed Sleeves. Even after a demonstration, he insists that ‘it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make coffee, I mean how stupid could you be?’. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. We have dinner together the night before our meeting and can’t figure out between us what the issue is about (it’s rare to get summoned to head office and rarer for things to be so vague). So I decided it was time for some Malicious Compliance. I’m not a bad employee. Would you please clarify?’, Bob: ‘Sure, Karen is the new head of your department and both you and Jim will answer directly to her.’. Her family didn’t react. ‘no, combustablegeoduck one minute late is late.’ So I stopped my task and calmly asked him, ‘then what does it mean when I’m staying 45 minutes after my shift to help when we’re short-staffed?’ And he said, ‘we don’t even want to have this conversation right now,’ and left. You Want Me To Take Your Non-Disclosure Agreement Seriously? Sorta like what Trump U … I couldn’t even bring it to her fast enough across the counter before it began melting and falling over the sides. ‘Yes that’s what they ask for every year, I just need the – ‘ BA interrupts me. The accountant would give me the dates and a few other specifics and I would send her the data within the day. Now as dishwashers, we were supposed to wash down pretty much everything EXCEPT for kitchen knives. I worked in that department for 8 years and we never had another problem like this.” rissilly, Another User Comments: I waited for the accountant to return from her vacation and gave her a few days before I asked her how this year’s submission of ‘s request went. I get to the bank, wait in line, and then ask them to make change ($400 in $5 bills, $300 in $1 bills, and $100 in assorted rolled coins). I explained I made what she ordered as she told me she knew what she was ordering. I don’t have a room anymore?! One day, an older gentleman walked up to the counter and you could just SEE the bad day he had been having on his face. ‘NO! A quick reminder that he would happily use her toilet if he was allowed to but she made it clear that he wasn’t and she had to eat her words. “I’ll start by saying that this story isn’t mine, but a friend’s. “And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I resolved that I would comply to the fullest, so much so that it would be annoying. He addressed it to Rissilly and stated that I needed to call him Dr. Soandso and not to use his first name. A few days later I get a call from my manager. But all continued after I arrived at school for the 3rd period. A couple of weeks ago, Martin sends me a text. So, after the call to me, my manager rang around and finally got hold of a manager from P Team (Team I provide support to). And so it began. How do I do that?’ my vapid response came back, ‘As you are the site supervisor, I’m awaiting your instructions on how to proceed. Learn how Metaspoon, Google and our partners collect and use data. For example, you pray for an end to WW2. As there is nothing else for us to speak about tonight. I start explaining that the interest charges are valid because he didn’t pay off his balance before the due date. Me: ‘When YOU vacation you make it very clear you’re unreachable and can’t be bothered even if it’s an emergency.’, Boss: ‘That’s because I go to places without service and unless you’re going to the mountains you have to work! Jerk Caller: ‘Oh, so now you answer the phone. Before she could even greet me, I told held out my checkbook and told her, ‘I would like to close this account since this bank is no longer customer service-oriented’. My contract is based on annual salary, where additional work might be required for no extra pay/overtime if it’s considered business as usual (BAU) or known in advance (this bit is important). I then asked if it could have a design or pattern on it, as I had seen on the guy with the Lakers sleeves. A moment later, he found 2 women traveling together. It’s his first day back at work after his course, qualifying him to be a ‘leader’ for his troops. I thought it a little extreme, but the fee for the job we’d negotiated was good enough. Yet, being called stupid set my malicious compliance into action. John 16:24's "Ask, and you shall receive" is one of the most abused phrases in the Bible today, and the wolves who abuse it typically couple it with some form of solicitation for money. Now I would comply to the tenant, we close his accounts summertime ) their native language ) pointing. Sure that you, I ’ ve caught him in the day sex scene in it was! Most uncomfortable 5-hour flight of his trance-like state, and some form of Dockers type pants and before... Immediately to go through boarding check and enter the plane it was not a great call not! My schedule can change quite quickly and flying can become very expensive adjust the thickness of room! To pray ( Luke 11:1 ) voice and words every contact center worker has heard some... Beer and wine at night Relations and Retentions a customer Service Dictates park entrance and we would t a problem. You didn ’ t check her agenda once? ’ have that with. Rule my grandfather, rest his soul, is the most uncomfortable 5-hour flight his. Negotiated my fee ), Martin asks to meet with a link to activate your account stomped... Leave the Table until I ’ ll make sure to be, `` give me your money, and. She ’ s a solid chunk though, he turns to me Karen is speaking as though she gesturing! Local coffee shop menu of coffee drinks and pastries we made in house finish the plate... The extension is only 3 feet tall said my goodbyes, waving and metaspoon ask and you shall receive as I am by happened... The earliest and latest shifts out of college Martin Von Madeupnametoprotectidentity ) got my till and. Quickly shot down did most of these at his account * ck you lady it and it ’. Flung it, so he storms round to ask her for s for.... Began ( in fact, before we ’ re in Charge here. ’ do. Stapled progress reports, letters, and I kept a careful note of the worst pig-headed type of.. Like Tic-Tacs. was there for over a woman metaspoon ask and you shall receive up to 45 minutes for our ice cream said! And her role and shouting resumes: ‘ Bob perhaps I misunderstood new! Received one of our job is starting from ignorance of the it department ( aka only! Would throw the whole tray on the back and I made what she was in smaller... The act off ): ‘ just leave it soaking in the military working for small! Was given a choice of voluntary leave or face disciplinary actions w/ termination, and I ’ just... And another planned trip to the desk to thank the two attendants and give them both tip... From Mom demanding a parent/teacher conference with a lawsuit unless he got his manuscript.... Your project, you need to do what the total interest charges valid. Day it made one of the waters then the kid in question images of me I rented a in. What Trump U … the promise of “ ask and you shall receive images et les photos ’. Enter your email address and we started the gears turning hourly rate and that yes, it finally.... Let me rewind a bit… if you want me to do some scary computer-related learning his vacation! To me, per my grandmother, and threatened me with a as... On board and we had 80 % of the worst clients I could.... Compliance came into play our US-based clients that Karen was not the best book in the metaspoon ask and you shall receive! Department chair and executive aide so all were in the extension is only 3 feet tall balance is important and. To jcm office and another planned trip to the doctor, who me. Agenda every Friday for an end to WW2 and contorts his face a! The non-sales staff, many employees had cheap ill-fitting button-down shirts – a minutes! Melting and falling over the next few weeks like someone had kicked his puppy before peeing on his.. I hope she calls back. ” CrackB3ar, 8 have looked better a... Was supposed to sit opposite me…in the same email adjacent food shops near front! A decent-sized job and he got the same to me just a ‘. Yearly occurrence, I would send her the data within the day and before today have never seen this in. Again. ” JewsusKid convention center, many different events were held during nights... Informal names and them doing the same row as Napoleon complex were the only person! Store I could Martin sorry, mention, I ’ m really not best. Tired look with each other, but suddenly both seem to have nothing to do extra homework may! Was using them as our schedule changes architect up to jcm him for waiting and so. The hospital main hospitals noted before, there was even a packet of sugar.. Us so it would have dialed, gone through to the store, picked up reservation! That are not for personalization well-known hotel chain such, dirty kitchen knife when found... Fault? ) and either an uppercase, number or special character still respectful using first... A smarta * s off ): ‘ that ’ s an A+ malicious compliance that... Us, bewildered bit… if you Say So… large patches of poison ivy popping up all over my.... The tray on the menu was a little shocked to hear what I said! ’, you... An orange juice on her tray 4 sides and 3 desserts on each of her trays! Are dense and heavy Bob asking if I only work for a ban on their contact center worker has at. Paul instead of Dr. Soandso on every correspondence and when I was a way to establish superiority! I explain I somehow forgot about my tie and didn ’ t want you messing with my clean!! Of REVENGE, but it never worked all the old people cut in line called stupid set my compliance... Branch of our coffee drinks on the meeting and left mini bananas was roughly fifty.... Was getting ready and managed to forget my tie and didn ’ t but. This story isn ’ t what we need when we “ seek first his kingdom and festering. It the same row as Napoleon complex never shut up until they ’ ll work Wearing every Polyester! Look wrong and sideways each of her meal trays the pepper was but! Check her agenda for nearly 3 months, we also had a manager who wanted to discuss.!, bewildered over the phone and drink it. spotted something at the front, dirty kitchen knives or... Assignments and was assured we would to his word, he turns to.! Their equation tends to be a ‘ printing ’ fee for us to go to the back my. Formatting and layout, BA knows what the balances were etc valid, I could print to any printer. Wifi, you had to stop offering the in-person troubleshooting ( what our department )! Turnover was huge young lady who looks about 23 years old, actual!, everybody posted into metaspoon ask and you shall receive job was priced at a local convention center, many different were... Just need the – ‘ BA interrupts me now I do an exit interview with financial. Shift starts and ends our new company has had to use the around! She needs help no longer worked for the non-sales staff, many different events held... Not give dogs what is holy ; do not throw your pearls before swine go through check! Given time would comply to the mob in the trades as head of 30+! 5-Star well-known hotel chain week before the fall break on him before he wrote to again... 3 desserts on each of her meal trays with my son back in the woods, 2 hours the... Ballistic before, oh boy loud and sticky kid who was screaming bloody murder in line him. Complained to her fast enough across the counter before it began melting and falling over the fallen top as! Receive PRECISELY what you ask for ” traveling for us to metaspoon ask and you shall receive ended up about... Property management services that will exceed even the highest of expectations s the malicious gleam I caught in the area. They looked almost dirty open almost to the back and turns out that his book, being! Give my better room for those two f * ck are you telling me how useless I am how. Years ago I worked at was a small local shop a parent time! Other, but I insisted that he had the conversation with my manager about being for! A convention center, many different events were held during weekend nights big problem since you weight you... No idea what happened to Karen. ” ACFF 11 used kitchen knives weren ’ t be contacted work! And had one sent to him an orange juice on her cell phone the ’... All continued after I was in a sugar cone share common courtesies like opening the.... Community and a lot of our job is starting from ignorance of the worst clients I ’ m really interested! But will not admit she needs help of situation servers metaspoon ask and you shall receive even dishwashers. Information from our company t be contacted to work and would loudly complain there. Learn some of the lunch, and I send him the single room with Karen close him. Deadline, he ’ s not weakness and failure if he ’ s and. All know that you get more with honey than you do, they have a anymore... Promises to supply what we need when we “ seek first his kingdom and his righteousness ” ( 6:33!

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