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Do not stretch the banana and milk diet for more than four days. So, 6 bananas equals to 600 calories in a day and 3 cup skimmed milk equals to 240 calories in a day. E. On the milk can i just use the ordinarily milk?.. It is not recommended for a longer period of time because it’s not giving you all the nutrients that your body needs. Hello Dear, Oatmeal with milk Total calories count – 1050 cals. Wish you good results. does it works on us or not So, keep a check on this too! Thanks. Hi, If you want to lose weight more that that, I recommend you to try a weight loss product such as Phen 375. Wish you good results. The emergency diet means that you take it one time and after that you can not repeat it. Another tip for you is the Kou Tea, a natural tea that will help you to reduce the appetite and also to burn the fat and lose weight. Breakfast 1 glass of pure warm water 1 cup of tea 3 bananas. Versions of this diet are different. The banana and milk diet it is low in calories and if you and others foods or drinks you will decrease the chances to lose weight. Began the day with a singular Banana and a glass of milk. Plz reply me soon i desperately want to lose weight. Or else, if you wish to do it during your periods, do include vitamin and mineral supplements. We need to confirm your email address. Also, you have to combine the diet program with sports. 100 gr banana has 89 calories, so you can eat up to 600 calories per day coming from the bananas (the rest of 300 will come from the milk). Wish you the best results. Also, you can try a natural tea that will help you in your journey (Kou Tea) Pls reply soon. Read more about it here and place the order. Can I have 2egg whites instead of 2 bananas in one meal. Click HERE, to find more about this amazing product that will work for you. Secondly, would you be able to have a physical difference on your body by losing this weight? Go for it and don’t hesitate. Try to take during the diet period mineral and vitamins supplements. For you it’s better to lose weight in time and taking different diet. but no result. First of all congrats for you baby and good health. Let’s just have a look at them! I started gym too but only cardio.Plz reply soon. To do this, you need 3 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. Combine the two and you will get all the ingredients that your body needs: nutrition, vitamins, fiber, … Thought I’m continuing to 4 days…bt I am very much disappointed. ( Watching her do this on camera is oddly gripping.) So, here we have this diet with a bit of modification. Credit: Giphy. I’m on a diet at the moment, which allows me to consume less than 1000 calories each day. Banana diet: Day 4. It is true, after the diet you can eat almost anything. You have 2 choices: a long term diet (such Rina Diet) or an effective weight loss product (such as Phen 375 or Kou Tea), or combination of diet with weight loss product (for faster and better results). After you can continue with a hunger suppresant taht will help you to go further with your weight loss. Lastly, do you lost weight on this diet because you have more bowel movements due to the fiber in the bananas? E. So if i do this everyday Its is a emergency Started the banana-milk diet today….eagerly waiting to finish the day without any problems. and can I have before bed tome??? Can i take the banana diet after every fortnight? In addition to this, it’s a rich source of calcium and protein. Hey.. The Banana and Milk Diet is a diet used in emergency cases, only when you need to lose very fast in a short period of time and under 4-5 kilos. hope to lose some kilos by the end of the week . Also, it’s not recommended to take it for several time. I don’t want to stop gym and plus I have hypothyroidism (but I am on medications)…so can I increase the no.of bananas and milk? Form now on you should have a maintaining “diet” meaning a healthy life with healthy foods (more fruits and vegetables, grilled meat and less carbs, bread, etc), exercises and also if you need to lose more you can continue with a hunger suppressant such as Phen 375 ( or Kou Tea ( Wish you good! I am also following the seven day slimming diet which contains fruits for the first day and veggies for the second and so on goes upto total 7 days. Try to find here and here and here some information. hi, In milk and banana diet , instead of milk can we take anything else… because i dnt like milk…. Today is the third day. First of all, due to the fact that we will consume less than 1000 calories daily, you might feel weak. In you case, bemuse you dag already for a long time diets, I will not recommend you this diet. First of all you have to have patience and wait to lose weight in 3 or 4 days and not after the first day. The results will be there. Yes, the Kou Tea will help you. Below you have some recommendations: You can eat the 2 banana in the same time. Wish me luck . It will work perfectly for you. It is a big result. can we try this banana diet…twice in one month? E. can i take green tea with this plan?? If you don’t feel strong enough you can add to your banana and fat-free milk diet, daily one meal with vegetables and grill meat (chicken or fish). For more kilos out I recommend you Kou Tea. No other fruits or vegetables are allowed, but people can also eat wonder soup. Today is my second day of milk n banana diet. please reply as soon as possible. 2. the allowed foods during the diet. This diet is based on the consumption of low calories (under 1000 calories per day) and will help you to lose weight very fast if you are in a “emergency” situation, before an event and you need to lose in 3-4 days up to 4 kilos. But, if you want to drink something warm in the morning, but also to help you to lose weight I recommend you Kou Tea. Why?? Also, if you want to lose faster and with less effort, take daily Kou Tea. Try to have small, regular, and low calories meals. If you need more details, let me know. Loading ... (2) Bananas - 1 large banana Nutritionist Yulia Tarbath tried the banana diet for 12 days to detoxify her body and lose weight naturally. What Type of Milk? …. Can we continue this diet plan for more than 4 days. If you want, you can add some sweetener in your milk. Also, for sure, fast and easy results you have to take one one of the amazing weight loss products, depending on you choice Phen 375 pills or Kou Tea. There is a maximum of 100 calories in a single medium-sized banana and 80 calories in a cup of skimmed milk (250ml). And then take 1 cup of milk between breakfast time and lunch time as I starve between this time. All Rights Reserved. It not for a long time and if you need to lose many kilos. suddenly i gain waight only 7/8 kg. Yes, that’s right! You should consume one cup of milk with 2 or 3 bananas (preferable 2), three times per day, so in total per day we have 6 bananas (or 9) and 3 cups of milk. Tumbler? Scroll on and start reading! However, despite the popularity of this pairing, many believe that bananas and milk … and if i can do this quick diet once a month? Before you start with this magical diet plan, there are a number of things that you should know and ponder over. If you need more information, I’m here for you. Banana diet plan, or a banana island, is an easy and sweet way to detox, start your weight loss journey and aid your body’s healing. First and foremost benefit of skimmed milk is that it’s fat-free. Thank you. And can I add grapefruit juice in a hole day during this diet. I am thinking to eat this much banana and drinking milk will be danger for sugur. Hello dear l am breast cancer survivor .can I follow this (banana and milk) diet for weight loss. Grape diet is also a diet who will help you to lose weigh very fast but is a little more permissive and with more foods allowed and combined with Phen 375 or Kou Tea you will lose weight with minimum effort. And how many calories does a egg white has? But, what I don’t recommend you is to add sugar in your tea or milk. N after leaving this diet will i gain weight quickly again?? Get App, AWESOME NEWS! It’s not a rule here, you can choose. As will be difficult to go from a normal diet food to a banana and milk diet, try a hunger suppressant to help you to control your appetite. In your case it is not recommended a fast weight diet such as lemonade diet, banana diet cabbage soup diet, etc. The Banana and Milk diet it’s a fast way to lose some extra kilos (maximum 4 kilos), but it’s not a diet to take for a long period of time (maximum 4 days). E, Is it guaranteed that following that diet leads to weight loss, I’m trying this next week only for a day…. 100 gr banana has 89 calories, so you can eat up to 600 calories per day coming from the bananas (the rest of 300 will come from the milk). E. helo and go to gym for arobics and jogging daily about 2 hours. I do regularly exercises everyday and do I need to stop them during this diet? guide me plzz This diet pill will help you to lose more and very fast. HI, one more question. Also you can read all the information regarding the product and see the stories of those who have lost a lot using this product. Im taking this diet for starters before i carry on with another diet to loose another 15kgs. Water - 16 Fl Oz Bottled Water disease fighting capability. GM Diet Day 4: And we’re already halfway through the GM Diet Plan. In fact, skimmed milk should be a part of everyone’s daily diet. Tea cup? Both products works and are during miracles in weight lose. Originally, it was developed for diabetic patients, but now it has turn out to be a fad diet touted and acknowledged for its potential to quickly lose weight. Because you are breastfeeding you should take a natural tea that will not affect your breastfeeding but will help you to get ride of those ugly kilos fats, easy and without efforts. The GM diet promotes weight loss in several ways, including: Here we have listed a few points to keep in mind before you kick-start: Recommended Read: 5 Famous Celebrities And Their Diet Charts. Glass? With this diet you can lose 1 kilo per day. I am consulting a Dietician. Pls guide me. So, if you eat 6 bananas and 3 cup of fat-free milk you will consume daily 900 calories. to apply try this diet r we don,t use eat like rice or bread etc? It’s not recommended to quit the diet, but if you must you should take Kou Tea to avoid to gain back the lost kilo. In this way you will suppress your appetite, continue to lose weight and maintain in time your good results. Regarding the diet found by you, I see 2 issues: 1. too many calories per day (around 1400 calories), this is not the amount of calories that should be consumed by a person who wants to lose weight. Two things helping you lose weight, it’s strange, no? Banana diet fads have been around for many years now. So, here we have them all. GM Diet Day 4 Breakfast. Make sure that you do not stress yourself whilst doing this diet. Congratulation, you are a fighter! My Experiment with GM Diet – Day 4 - The day of Bananas and Milk! Will be easier for you to weight the bananas in order to achieve this weight. You can try Rina Diet or Mediterranean Diet. Calcium is very important for our bones and for the normal function of the hormones. And on other hand, the proteins help our musculature to develop. Kou Tea will help you to lose more kilos and to burn fat. thank u. If you need a fast diet to help you to lose the extra kilos before an important event, you have to try the banana and milk diet. In your case I can recommend you Kou Tea that will help you to lose weight and also change your metabolism. Bananas are not only healthy but can aid in weight loss when introduced into your diet. hy , my name is Gull E Nayab , i wanna ask that in bandanna and milk diet other things like vegetables , fruits and chicken can i take or not, plzz ans me.

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