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Shona / ˈ ʃ oʊ n ə / (chiShona) is a Bantu language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.It is one of the most widely spoken Bantu languages.. Thus, it is appropriate to translate the nation's name as "land lying in the south." THEORIES OF LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Over the last fifty years, several theories have been put forward to explain the process by which children learn to understand and speak a language. They can be summarised as follows: Theory Central Idea Individual with theory Behaviourist Children imitate adults. I am born and raised in the province of the rising sun (Mpumalanga) Nelspruit. A list of common Shona words. The Language Learning Library is not limited to products – you can list anything: pages, apps, games, youtube channels, books, anything you like. The native name of the language is Xitsonga, and the people who speak it are known as Vatsonga. Goodbye - Sala kahle. It is mutually intelligible with Tswa and Ronga and the name "Tsonga" is often used as a cover term for all three, also sometimes referred to as Tswa-Ronga. Xitsonga is the spoken languageof nearly 2 million people in South Africa, some 1.5 million in Mozambique, over 100 000 in Zimbabweand a few thousandsin Swaziland and Zambia. The Tsonga Learning Guide by Digital Tsonga Productions is a mobile app for smartphones aimed at preserving the Xitsonga language and to teach everything possible about how to use the language effectively. The native language of the Tsongas is the Tsonga language. Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - VEN1508; Under Graduate Degree: Semester module: NQF level: 5: Credits: 12: Module presented in English: Purpose: of this module intends to promote multilingualism and intercultural communication in Tshivenda as a First Additional Language for BE.d Foundation and Intermediate Phases.This module will provide … BIBELE / BIBLE IN TSONGA language / First edition 1929 (1907 revised) [Bible Society] on According to the most recent archaeological findings, people arrived in the archipelago from Fiji around 1500 B.C.E. Soshangane insisted that Nguni customs be adopted, and that the Tsonga learn the Zulu language.Young Tsonga men were assigned to the army as 'mabulandlela' (those who open the road). Language policies are usually taken for granted, and very often they are defined in decrees or directives from the ministries of education stating the language, or languages, of instruction at different levels of the educational system. The Gazankulu homeland made Vuchangani official as a Tsonga identity and language, and created a double barrel identity. The Tsonga language does not use the English alphabet, even though they are mainly based in South Africa. Tsonga Language. Learning a new language is always exciting and you will see that we have developed the course in a way that allows you to systematically work through the vocabulary relevant to a particular theme. I have lived in Nelspruit all my life but I am well-travelled. (g) Ndau- several Ndau clans like Mashaba (Maxava or Machava), Sithole, Moyana, Miyambu, Simango are now part of the Tsonga. Hausa is one of the major languages of Nigeria. Identification. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It is not official in Swaziland. Tsonga-Shangaan . - Famba hi ku rhula. South African Language: AFRIKAANS. It is the main lingua franca ("A medium of communication between peoples of different languages") throughout Niger and the northern two-thirds of Nigeria.. Simply log in and add new translation. It also means "south." BIBELE / BIBLE IN TSONGA language / First edition 1929 (1907 revised) See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder.If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.. Key to abbreviations: sg = singular (said to one person), pl = plural (said to more than one person). On this page you can read or download xitsonga short stories in PDF format. Missionary efforts are considered to be the significant factors that led to the study and development of the word. I am fine. (e) Gaza-Ngoni-Shangaan: several Nguni clans who left with Soshangane to Mozambique from 1821 abandoned their Nguni language and became Tsonga speaking (f) Chopi- several Chopi people have joined the Maluleke clan. The following Language courses are available: • Learn Xhosa / IsiXhosa • Learn Zulu / IsiZulu • Learn South Sotho / SeSotho • Learn Northhen Sotho / Sepedi • Learn Tswana / SeTswana • Learn Venda / TshiVenda • Learn Shangaan / Tsonga • Learn German • Learn Portuguese • Learn Afrikaans • Learn … Tsonga language According to the historical documentation by Henri Junod, Xisonga language is recorded to have originated from the then native language known as "Thonga." PC Tonga Training Unit Page 3 7/13/2009 . As far as language policies are concerned, it is difficult to find a comprehensive document in African countries. Avuxeni. South Africa - English 9.8% - 4 892 623. - Ndzi kona. It makes use of specific sounds to spell, using a combination of different letters. In order to help those who are willing to learn Nguni language, lessons have been prepared; and the following lessons Help us in creating the largest English-Tsonga dictionary online. The Nguni language structure is based on a system of noun classes and a system of concords. The first book in Tsonga was published by Paul Berthoud in 1883. Have a look around, search the library and submit some reviews for the products / pages you have already used. Tsonga (/ ˈ t s ɒ ŋ ɡ ə, ˈ t s ɔː-/) or Xitsonga (Tsonga: Xitsonga), is a Bantu language spoken by the Tsonga people of southern Africa. The name "Tonga" is composed of to (to plant) and nga (a place). The Tsonga language is not an easy language to master. I am bilingual but speak Siswati as my first language. It has been suggested to be made official in Zimbabwe according to the new constitution. Soshangane also imposed Shaka's military system of dominion and taught the people the Zulu ways of … The Then, Minjhani (or kunjhani if you are responding to a person, as in one person) If it’s an elderly person that you are responding to, you would also say Minjhani as a sign of respect for the elders The name Tsonga is used for the Shangaan and also for the larger cluster of related peoples of which they are a part. The language that they speak is Setswana. Greeting Hello - Avuxeni How are you? The language isiZulu is widely spoken in all over South Africa. We hope that you will enjoy these Tongan language mini-lessons and wish you luck in your language learning! - Ndzi kona ndza nkhensa. All Tswa-Ronga languages are recognised in Mozambique. Learn the Xitsonga Language Using the Tsonga Learning Guide The words listed below are not the most common words, but a broad sampling of words.See the Word Lists page for more details. Exam Papers; Grade 12 Xitsonga Home Language Paper 2 Memorandum (Feb-Mar) How to Learn a New Language Fast: 5 Tips That Actually Work; The Best Way to Learn a Language: Playing Games! - Ku njhani? Tsonga is an official language in South Africa. The purpose of this list is to give a rough idea of the Shona language. If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom ↓ . Jump to phrases. Have a safe journey. The new constitution of Zimbabwe recognises all the sixteen (16) languages of … It makes our dictionary English Tsonga real, as it is created by native speakers people, that uses language … A collection of useful phrases in Shona, a Bantu language spoken mainly in Zimbabwe. With your Sepedi you will therefore be able to get on well with the people of a vast area of Southern Africa! Useful Shona phrases. I am fine, thank you. My language story, 07/04/2017 What is your background, in terms of language? Avuxeni is used as a general greeting in Tsonga, it can also be used as a morning greeting.. Tsonga was used interchangeably with Shangaan from the 1960’s in the Transvaal mines and spread over the years. language’stransnational character. TSONGA HISTORY DISCOURSE Tsonga history perspective by Mandla Mathebula, Robert Nkuna, Hlengani Mabasa and Mukhacani Maluleke [Initially written as a response to the Tsonga-Shangaan kingship debate] Early History of Tsonga communities in South East Africa Archaeological evidence points to a continuous occupation of the area between St Lucia Bay from at least the thirteen century,… Their correct utterances are reinforced IsiZulu IsiXhosa Afrikaans English Sepedi Setswana Sesotho Xitsonga Siswati Tshivenḓa IsiNdebele. In fact, they make use of the Latin alphabet.. Good luck - Ndzi ku navelela mikateko. Our translations are completely accessible and have no spelling errors for all our South African language services. I am married to … Tsonga was first documented by Swiss missionaries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Grammar is NOT addressed in these lessons; you will learn Tongan grammar during language classes in Pre-Service Training once you are in Tonga. Shangaan is another name for the Tsonga people, a southeastern Bantu people. Tsonga is also known as Shangaan, Shangana, Shitsonga, Thonga, Tonga, Gwamba or Shangani. The Xitsonga language (Ririmi ra manana) as it is known today is linked to the ancient Tonga (Thonga) language of Mozambique and distantly related to other variations found most in abundance within Mozambique, Zambia, and Malawi (Hopgood 1992). Translation Services South Africa - 11 Languages. Students and scholars of History the Social Scienceswill also find it rewardingto learn Xitsonga becauselike any other African Glosbe is a collaborative project and every one can add (and remove) translations. XITSONGA General Words and Phrases. The phrases that you will learn are relevant to South Africans who would like to acquire some basic skills in an African language. It is however not easy for an adult to learn a new language and a black language especially is difficult to get hold of. some of the former minority language speaking children such as the Tsonga (Shangaans), Vendas, Tongas, Kalangas, Sothos and others, are still compelled to learn in English and Shona or Ndebele. It is one of the Nguni languages, related to Xhosa, SiSwati and Ndebele. When someone says Avuxeni, a typical response would be Ahee. The word Shangaan has derogatory meaning to other Tsonga groups. The Shangaan people are part of a larger language/people group also called the Tsonga (Vatsonga) because of the fame of the Tsonga (Shangaan) people.

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